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The Best Dijon Mustard Substitute to Spice up your Meals

There are times my recipe needs Dijon mustard but I don’t have it. I had to do some digging and find a substitute for Dijon mustard, and guess what! There are many to go around.

First off let me give you a little introduction here, Dijon style mustard is traditional mustard named after a town in France which you can also prepare at the comfort of your kitchen.

However the Dijon style mustard made now is almost the same as the one made in the city of Dijon. The ingredients you’ll need to make it at home are: white wine, ground mustard seeds and verjuice which you can also substitute with lemon juice and vinegar.

You’ll need to soak the mustard in wine for 47 hours and after you are done preparing your mustard you’ll need to refrigerate it.

If you love salads then you’ll agree with me that spicing is always part of the package and we all love different types of spices, so what if Dijon is your favorite but you just can’t find it in your pantry?

Is there a perfect substitute for it? Stick with me as we dive into a number of alternatives you can opt for.

If you’re not aware on where exactly to use this mustard, then I’ve got you covered.

You can use it to dress your salads; marinating meat to give that tender feeling, especially Lamb meat; you can also use it to create a sauce for any kind of fish, you can heat up your favorite cheese dip, when preparing the honey mustard and adding some taste to your vegetables.

If you haven’t tried Dijon style mustard yet, look for it in the stores near you or you can use the recipe I gave you to prepare one at home.

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Even though the levels of sodium in the Dijon style mustard are higher than in the yellow mustard, it still make a great substitute with an available vitamin c to boost your immunity.

It’s a little mild in taste than Dijon-style mustard but very healthy. Yellow mustard contains Vitamin C and turmeric that is non-casein genic which makes it a very healthy option for you.

The downside is it will not taste the same as Dijon but if you have no option at the moment it may be the best alternative for you.


For spicy food with very little vinegar which enhances the taste, this would be a great option. Its coarse texture also mixes well with the other ingredients such as nutmeg, cinnamon and even Ginger.

You wouldn’t want to miss a chance to add them to your sandwiches and sausages. If you prefer spicy food then you’d rather go for this spicy brown mustard it will definitely fire up you food a notch higher.

It also have very little vinegar in it. Thus allowing the spices to dominate the food. It also combines well with nutty flavored spices such as nutmeg due to its course texture. Making it good for use in sandwiches, hotdogs and even sausages.


If you’re one with a sweet tooth then this will go well for you. You can use it to lace your salads too! It’s just the best substitute for hung children who love sweet flavor foods.

It goes well with a variety of foods such as chicken, pork, French fries, salads and even veggies. You can also make your own honey mustard at home by combining yellow mustard and honey. What’s more is you also customize it by adding Rosemary to your mustard? Make some for your kids.


This one which hails from Japan. The home of sushi. If you’re out for some fire in your food try wasabi but you need to remember that you can only substitute it with Dijon-style mustard in a ratio of one measurement to two if you do anything apart from this you won’t be able to handle the fire!

It’s very common in the US and goes very well with sushi. But you can substitute it for Dijon-style mustard. It also boosts your immunity since it has very high levels of zinc in it.


For something with a taste very close to Dijon style mustard, this will be a great combo. This just happens to be my favorite substitute and that’s why I’m listing it here.

The combination of the three ingredients gives you the rich taste if Dijon mustard. So if you are looking for something that is very close to Dijon-style this might just be the best option for you. To make this though you will need to grate the horseradish root and then puree it with the sour cream and the honey.

Remember bit to add too much horseradish root because it will make your food too spicy. But if you want a lot of fire then go for it!


Pepper is the in thing for this combo, it just make the food heavenly spicy. We still haven’t run out of options. This mixture is also another great way to substitute Dijon mustard.

The chili pepper is added to give the desired hotness we all love in Dijon-style mustard.

The salt is added to bring taste and the turmeric to bring out the yellowing effect. The garlic, well it completes the mixture. But most importantly the ingredients much be ground well. Let me know if you loved this substitute.

You can also use this when you want to make a chili dish and you do not have your canned chili.

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The numerous ingredients end up giving this substitute an amazing taste! You can always replace the Mayo with a thick cream.

This happens to be the most complicated substitute for the Dijon mustard which take two to three days for preparation.

The ingredients you’ll need are; three tsp Mayo, 3 tsp mustard, 1tsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp of water and a bit of sugar.

You’ll soak the mustard seeds into the white wine vinegar for at least 48 hours then add the other ingredients after grounding them. I absolutely hope you’ll enjoy this flavor.

The great flavor from the Dijon style mustard cannot be replaced however you can also choose a substitute that best suits your personal taste.

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