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What to Take to a Christmas Party

Christmas season is always a period much anticipated during and throughout the year. For many people, no other period of the year offers as many emotional memories as Christmas does. The Christmas periods bring together families, the periods are filled with warm love, compassion, caring, and sharing. As is commonly...
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How to use an Induction Cooker

Cooking using an induction cooker is more like using a gas or a stove, the main difference is that unlike an ordinary gas or stove, heat is not generated by the familiar blue flames of burning gas. This is an amazing heat-free cooking technology which relies on magnets of both...
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Best Stand Mixers under $100

A stand mixer is a convenient asset to have at home, particularly if you are into cooking and baking frequently. First of all, how you intend to use the stand mixer is the first consideration to make before purchasing a stand mixer. For instance, if you plan to bake for...
Kitchen equipment

How Tall is a KitchenAid Mixer?

In essence, a stand mixer is like an extra pair of arms in your kitchen. Using it would help to mix up ingredients while you are busy with different tasks in the kitchen. It is more efficient at evenly combining ingredients than doing the same by hand. For instance, during...
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How to cook bamboo shoots.

Bamboo shoots, a predominantly Southeast Asian and East Asian delicacy, are edible shoots of the bamboo plant. They are cone-shaped, cream-colored, and are about 15 cm long. These young, tender shoots are popular in countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, and Northern India. Fresh bamboo shoots are usually a seasonal delicacy,...
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Can you freeze scrambled eggs?

Can scrambled eggs be frozen and reheated? Scrambled eggs are fast and easy to make as a delicacy, especially for breakfast. Eggs generally contain a lot of protein, folic acid, and other minerals and vitamins. This makes them nutritious and healthy. They are also versatile and can be made into...
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