The Best Portable Blender for Travel

Everyone likes to travel. However the challenge arises when you arrive at your destination and would like to whip up a quick smoothie, but you haven't got a blender. When you are in need of a blender while traveling, the first thing to look for in the market is a...

Delicious Creamy Spinach & Sausage Pasta Recipe

So, Funny story! I discovered this Creamy Spinach & Sausage Pasta dish one of those nights before the grocery trip when you scavenge the freezer and the pantry for something to cook. I discovered I had some “weird stuff left” from my previous grocery and decided to google if I...

Chicken Salad Meal Prep Recipe

This Chicken Salad Meal Prep recipe is an easy budget-friendly recipe for a busy mom looking for healthy meals for the family. I actually prepare this on Sunday afternoons and eat it for lunch all week. My husband loves carrying it to the office as it is one simple ready to...
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A Review on The Best Electric Spiralizer to Buy

The best spiralizer assists you to chop your fruits and vegetables into long strips or ribbons with ease, much akin to pasta or noodles. You can mix a wide variety of vegetables without worrying whether their tastes blend. Spiraling your food adds to its nutritional value and also improves the...

What to Make in a Blender [And Why you Need One]

What do you Make in a Blender? When it comes to cooking appliances blenders, mixers, food processors and the like are at the top of the food chain.  Cooking with a blender is possible especially if you want to make something fast and save some time which we all do!...
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